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Anonymous said:
Hey yooooooo !! Why The fuck you put a pinky theme and you a boy and vampire !!?? Why do you put a picture of yourself naked! This is disgusting. :( !! BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! YOU HAVE HURT ME MY LOVELY VAMPIRE :'((

wrong blog wrong blog wrong blog wrong blog

I was going to answer some marshall asks but they’re getting mixed up in both of my inboxes…….. and some of them are scary„„

→ animation thing

I made a mistake with pasting a frame in the beginning„, and it’s just really sloppy but yeahhh. theres this. Oh I just got a job too woooh

Hi followers!! ;;;; Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been really busy job hunting so I haven’t had much time to draw UoU

Thanks for staying :> I’ll try to post when I find more time (hopefully that’ll be soon.)

If the signs were mythological creatures: Aries: Werewolf
Taurus: Hell hound
Gemini: Doppelgänger
Cancer: Banshee
Leo: Fairy
Virgo: Angel
Libra: Nymph
Scorpio: Siren
Sagittarius: Ghost
Capricorn: Mermaid
Aquarius: Vampire
Pisces: Shapeshifter

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